Please check out all these bright young faces

Who soon will be up on the stage

They’re rehearsing at least twice a week

Learning lines and songs on every page.


They also dance for your delight

To songs they are learning to sing

Practising as much as they can

To bring the best of every-thing.

Forget the Oscars or Arias

DMS has the future stars

We hope they shine on and off the stage

From Dural to…well…Mars!


Don’t forget to book your tickets

To see this fabulous show

Ask your friends and neighbours

It’ll be disappointing if they don’t go.


Your smiling faces and happy selves

We want filling up all our seats

So spread the news of this great show

It’s full of amazing feats.

An “Ode to the Hardworking Cast” on the road to ‘Oliver.’
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