Dural Musical Society is like one big family. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, our community values
and the fun and creativity that we bring to our members, young and old”.

Young people are a big part of the Society and we also have some very experienced members with strong theatrical backgrounds. We have some long-term members who have invested years of their lives into the Dural Musical Society, and are now presenting workshops and providing mentoring for our young upcoming stars. Our theatre is located in picturesque Dural, in New South Wales, Australia, at the Soldiers Memorial Hall which provides the perfect intimate setting for our productions.

Dural Musical Society welcomes new members from age 8 to “wise”. There are many aspects to putting on a show that requires the interest of people who want to not only have fun, but also take pride in the end result – a delightful production. We are proud of the “family” atmosphere we generate at Dural, and we are always pleased to adopt new members into the clan. If you have an interest in acting, singing, dancing, playing in the orchestra or backstage work, please contact us here.

Our postal address is:

P.O. Box 210
Round Corner NSW 2158

Our theatre location is:

Dural Soldiers Memorial Hall
604 Old Northern Road
Dural NSW Australia

You will find us here:

For show bookings, please see our bookings page.

For further information about the Society, including Membership and Sponsorship visit our contacts page.