“Nana’s Naughty Knickers”

By Katherine DiSavino

Bridget and her Grandmother are about to become roommates. However, what Bridget saw as a unique opportunity to stay with her favourite Nana in New York for the summer quickly turns into an experience she’ll never forget. It seems her sweet Grandma is running an illegal boutique from her apartment, selling hand-made naughty knickers to every senior citizen in the five borough area!

Will Bridget be able to handle all the excitement? Will her Nana get arrested – or worse! – evicted?

“Audiences may laugh themselves right out of their knickers…[the play] flows in a perfect rhythm, and hits every high and low note of comedy.” – The Dayton Examiner

“This show is entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny from beginning to end. It is hard to tell if the audience or the cast is having the most fun.” – The Delphos Herald


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Dural Musical Society (or DMS as we’re affectionately known) is a community theatre group in the beautiful, semi-rural district of Dural. We put on a musical, play or pantomime in May and October of each year. Only 45 minutes from the City, we provide a safe, fun and enthusiastic atmosphere for those with an interest in all things theatre. We pride ourselves on being like one big family and open our doors to those with all levels of experience. We place great value on quality of production, but probably a little bit more on having fun and learning as you go. Above all, we love providing great shows for our local community. 

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