My Friend Miss Flint

Written by Donald Churchill and Peter Yeldham
Directed by John Nawotka and Eddie Bruce



This comedy was a hit at the Theatre Royal and was written by Donald Churchill and Peter Yeldham.

Tom Lambert, botanist and TV gardening personality, receives a call from the Tax Office enquiring about his Public Relations Consultant Joanna Flint. He can honestly say he has never heard of her, but by lunchtime he knows all about Miss Flint courtesy of his ex-wife Sarah – who also happens to be his tax consultant. What he finds out turns his life into turmoil, which is not made any better when his daily help Albert gets involved in trying to help. Enter Mr Dodds, the man from the Tax Office, and the scene is set for a sparkling comedy with lots of laughs.

As the day goes from bad to worse we discover that a number of characters are not what they first appear to be, and as this confusion unravels we find ourselves going home with a smile and something to remember the next time we submit our tax form to the Tax Office.



Ben Wilson-Hill Tom Lambert
Kate Gandy Lucy Napier
Eddie Bruce Albert Larkin
Cheralee Heynes Sarah Davenport
Dennis Channells Mr Dodds
Karen Smyth C.P. Lens