Dreams from a Summer House

October 11 – 26, 2013


Dreams from a Summer House

This is a musical play with Words/Script by Alan Ayckbourn and Music by John Pattinson.

Grayson, a successful business man, and his formidable wife, Chrissie, are hosting a garden party at their Leatherhead home. Robert, an artist formerly married to their eldest daughter Amanda, has borrowed the garden summer house to work on illustrations of “Beauty and the Beast” for a children’s book, but Robert is not so much painting as drinking and berating womankind in general, and Amanda in particular. So, it’s an uphill struggle for Amanda’s young sister, Mel, who nurtures an unrequited love for Robert. As the summer evening progresses and Robert becomes even more cynical, the subject of his painting, Belle, suddenly materialises before him, closely followed by an irate Amanda, her cowering husband Sinclair and Baldemar, a beast, come in search of Belle.

Matters are further complicated by the fact that Belle and Baldemar can only communicate in song. When Baldemar kidnaps Amanda and takes her back to his grim, fairytale castle he discovers he has met his match…

Robert Ben Wilson-Hill
Amanda Helen Watkins
Sinclair Agustin Lamas
Chrissie Lenore Parodi
Grayson Brendon Dart
Mel Kate Gandy
Belle Madeleine Dart
Baldemar Ben Freeman
Production Team:
Director Ben Wilson-Hill
Musical Director Nick Gilbert
Lighting Manager/Design John Nawotka
Set Design Eddie Bruce : Agustin Lamas
Set Construction Eddie Bruce : Ben Wilson-Hill : Agustin Lamas : Cast Members
Scenic Artists Cast and Friends of DMS
Costumes Judy Clarke : Julie Scargill
Properties Cast Members
Front of House Friends of DMS
Marketing Julie Bruce : Andrew McLean
Publicity Julie Bruce and DMS Committee
Photography David Schofield : Barry Clarke : Tim Scargill