Please, be quiet, sneak through this gate. The road to ‘Oliver’ is getting shorter as the time for opening night draws nearer.

Fans are whirring in anticipation of large audiences filling the hall.

The lighting is being adjusted to make the show even more appealing to the eye.



But wait…what’s Director Julian looking so concerned about as he checks things on his computer?


Could he be worrying about whether all the costumes will be ready???

Definitely not that. Look at the smiling, happy faces of Julie and Judy, our amazing costume organisers. All is ready in their department.


Or…could it be a concern regarding publicity?

No problem there. Tim has already taken all the publicity shots for the newspapers.


Julian, Julian, what could be the issue that you’re pacing around whilst on the phone?


Shhhh…this little sneak happens to know absolutely nothing is concerning our director. He’s spreading the word around because tickets are selling fast and YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW!!! Get in and book your tickets. 


Book Now to avoid disappointment!


Extra…Extra…Read all about it…’Oliver’ tickets selling fast!
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