DMS would like to introduce you to the production team of Director and Assistant, Musical Director and Assistant

Choreographer and Dance Captain.

Ode to “The Road to Oliver”  

Julian is head of directing our show

His talents, by watching, you will soon know.

He’s acted and danced and sung on stage too

No wonder he’s gathered this mighty fine crew.


Laura’s Assistant Director, so willing and able

You’d see her sitting with Julian on a long wooden table.

Her smile is as wide as the stage that she’s donned

And she brings so much magic like the wave of a wand.


Now heading the musical side of all things

And tinkling the ivory while everyone sings

We have Hugh bringing his own brand of expertise

As his fingers go brilliantly on the piano keys.


Helping Hugh with the music and singing is Stef

Her precision and timing better than any Ref

There isn’t much in theatre this young girl hasn’t done

She works everyone hard but is always lots of fun.


Chrissy is all manner of movement on stage

Her artistry proven on the script’s every page

Choreography by Chrissy is always spot on

You’ll remember it way after the musical has gone.


Her assistant is known as the Captain of Dance

Millie’s her name and she comes with her own brand of prance.

She’s siding with Chrissy to bring you the best

Because dancing and movement she does with much zest.


Ode to “The Road to Oliver”
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