Working bees at DMS 

Are lots of fun to catch

The big boys get to play with tools

That build the set from scratch.



There’s designing, planning, buying

And painting’s on the list

There’s always plenty of laughter

See why they can’t be missed?



The next one is in August

Number 27 is the date

So if you want to pick your job

It’s best not to be late.



They start around about at 10 

But don’t let us see you pout

Any amount of time you’ve got

Is helpful, there’s no doubt



We promise it is worth it

When your handiwork is done

The set on stage now finished

Is considered second to none.








August 27th, 2017

is the next working bee.

So much fun to be had.

Don’t miss it.



Working Bees Are Buzzing at DMS