Morticia is the matriarch

She leads the Addams brood

And when she speaks in French

You should see her husband’s mood.

She senses something is amiss

That Gomez is not sincere

From the moment he begins to kiss

Her hand up to her ear.


For it is not in her husband

To keep a secret from his wife

And that’s what sometimes changes things

From calm to enormous strife.

 Plus…don’t you ever mess with Grandma

She’s feisty but she’s old

Don’t let that ever fool you

She’s strong and very bold

She mixes her concoctions

Her potions are bizarre

The colour mostly lacking

And the consistency of tar.


That’s nothing compared to Fester

The uncle in this clan

His pallor shows he’s lacking

Being outside, in the sun, like a man.

He’s really rather jolly

In a child like sort of way

And helps with the narration

Although this show is not a play.


Wednesday and Pugsley make their claim

They’re the Addams kids in this funny show

Although Wednesday not so young any more

As we watch her love for a normal boy grow.

We won’t say any more about that

Brother and sister though they may be

When an outsider comes into their life

Pugsley’s clearly not showing any glee.




But good old Lurch, the silent type

With not much to say at all

Doesn’t miss anything that’s going on

In this mansion, storeys tall.


Will he spill what’s going on

Or keep his voice so quiet

In order for you to find this out

A ticket – you need to buy it.




So see you in October

When our next show shines on stage

In the meantime we’re rehearsing

Making perfect every page.


An Ode To “The Addams Family – Click, Click”