Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves – Audition for 5 key roles … plus a Chorus of Citizens of Baghdad, Servants and Thieves

As well as Ali Baba being played by a female (the principal boy role) and Ali Baba’s mum being played by a male (the pantomime dame), there are parts that can be played by either a male or a female.  The panto baddie is, of course, Sheikh Mustafa Leikh.  Nossah, however, can be played by a female, and one or more of Mum Baba’s friends could be played by a male.  The forty thieves can be adults or children, and we want a range of heights, but unfortunately there will not be forty of them – more likely around the 10-12, and we will double cast the children as per our usual practice.

The 5 Roles we are auditioning for are:

  • Ali Baba, principal boy (played by a female)
  • Mum Baba, the Dame (played by a male)
  • Safiya, principal girl
  • Sharon, Cassim’s wife
  • Yessah, one of Mustafa Leikh’s inept lieutenants

Other roles available:

  • Kamil, a camel (2 actors required – front half and back half)
  • Ensembles roles – both Adult and Children (limited spaces available)

This show will be a lot of FUN…


Dural Soldiers’ Memorial Hall

Date:  June 28th

Time:  7.30 pm

Call Backs: 30th June.

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Performances: These are the last three weekends of October 2021

October: 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30