Once upon a time there lived an ordinary family in the suburbs…wait…let’s start that again.

Once upon a time there lived an extra-ordinary family in the…well…it’s sort of a mansion that looks like a museum and it’s a tad unusual looking from the kerbside angle.


So this family appear well off (they have a butler) and appear kind (their Grandma lives with them) and have the standard pigeon pair of kids. You know, a son and a daughter. 


The story centres around this young lady as she falls in love with a good, normal, healthy, young man…OH NO! Did someone say ‘normal’? This simply does not ‘fit the bill’ for this extra-ordinary family.



Well – put the dates in your calendar or diary and choose one (or more than one if you’re game) to come along to Dural Musical Society’s latest production and you can see first hand, what the outcome is.



The Addams Family – click, click!