Introducing some of the cast and crew…




It’s time to introduce some of the cast and crew…

I snuck in at the beginning of rehearsals to a hall buzzing with the warming up of voices, laughter as cast member greeted cast member and the feeling of excitement and success in the air.

Lead by Musical Director Camilla and Director Kate, both young, and a bit older than young, went through their rehearsing as I marvelled at such wonderful voices.


Musical Director Camilla with Director Kate


Buddies from the previous musical teaming up again.


Meeting and greeting before rehearsals begin.


Last minute of saying hello before the serious stuff begins.


Camilla warming up… 😉


Sometimes we rehearse one on one.


And sometimes in a group.


Keeping busy doing homework (PROBABLY NOT) until their turn to rehearse.



It’s what we love to do.

It’s why we’re here.